Matt Brown returns! Why you need to understand that college is a business

August 18, 2023 Matt Brown Season 3 Episode 126
Matt Brown returns! Why you need to understand that college is a business
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Show Notes

EP 126:  Let's face it... Millennials and Gen-Z are delaying, if not giving up on, many common adulthood decisions that came far more naturally to the generations before them.  Marriage, home-buying, investing, saving for retirement, and having children are seen by some as nearly impossible due to the economics of today's day, and one of the big drivers in delaying those decisions....student loans. 

The crushing weight of 5-6 figure debt for 18-22-year-olds is often more than they can handle after the fact.  This is why preparing for college finances is so important; whether you're a high schooler planning your college route, a currently enrolled university student, a recent graduate, or a parent preparing for their kids' journey in the higher education process, please understand one basic principle; college is a business, and your student loans are paying the bills.  

Today, we're bringing photographer, Matt Brown, back to the show to have an honest conversation about rising student loans, not relying on debt relief programs, applying for grants and scholarships, and the people you need to rely on to make the most out of your college experience.   

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