What is your favorite tax write off?

February 03, 2023 Nathan Holritz, LaJoy Lewis, Tomas Flint, Rachel Crowe, Britney Smith, Ashley Freehan, Shaun Austin Gordon, Feuza Reis Season 3 Episode 105
What is your favorite tax write off?
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Show Notes

EP 105: If you ever want a fun question to ask other business owners, try asking them what their favorite tax write-off is.  In this episode, I got to ask that question to a number of successful creatives at the Noobie Photographer's conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Rachel Crowe - @okcrowe
Feuza Reis - @fusecreativeinc
Nathan Holritz - @nathanholritz
LaJoy Lewis - @lajoyphotographyllc
Britney Smith - @theglamlabphotography
Ashley Freehan - @thepurposegathering
Shaun Austin Gordon - @shaunaustin
Tomas Flint - @tomasflint

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